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Accurate ballistic fingerprinting is now possible.

It is now possible to test fire a bullet into the Duke Projectile Recovery System, easily recover it and have 100% identification of the unique markings available. Unfortunately, using the conventional water tank method, only a small part of the bullet may remain intact that can be used for ballistics/forensic firearm identification. For high-speed bullets like 22s and 223s, less than 10% of the bullet typically is available for identification purposes; the rest breaks up into damaged fragments. After 3 years of extensive research, Ballistics Research, Inc. has a patent on the process that enables any caliber of bullet from small handguns to large military rounds to be recovered for ballistics/forensic firearm identification. The results are simply amazing considering that it is now possible to fire a weapon into the Duke Projectile Recovery System and in a few seconds retrieve a completely undamaged bullet.

So why is the Duke Projectile Recovery System such a revolutionary improvement?

1) It offers unprecedented improvement in ballistic identification over any other system available today. Any time a bullet is recovered from a crime scene, an exact identification can now be made to a test-fired weapon more efficiently than if the normal water tank method were to be used. The quality of the recovered test fired bullet is dependant upon the caliber, velocity, and fragility of the test bullet. Certain bullets completely disintegrate when using the conventional water tank method. Consequently, by having a test-fired bullet that is undamaged and 100% complete, the improvement in identification, depending on the caliber and velocity of the projectile, will enhance the process greatly and dramatically reduces the turnaround in examinations undertaken by specialists. That improves justice and public safety.

2) Accurate ballistic fingerprinting is now possible. By cost effectively capturing a test-fired bullet, not just the casing, that is whole, complete and undamaged, an accurate fingerprint of firearms can be obtained that is far superior to anything available today. Because of the quality test fired ballistic sample recovered, it is possible to store complete digital images of the bullet in an electronic database for rapid analysis and future identifications.

3) Criminal trial experts can now benefit from accurate ballistic/forensic firearm analysis. Now trial experts can have a reliable and cost-effective means to increase the probability of obtaining accurate ballistic/forensic firearm identification.

4) Because it is fast and very accurate, it can save lives. Crime Investigators can benefit tremendously from the Duke Projectile Recovery System and perhaps many victims would benefit as well. By utilizing the Duke Projectile Recovery System, investigators would have access to accurate ballistics information; quickly linking recovered bullets to suspect firearms.

5) No need to "down load" test fired cartridges. Ballistic/forensic Firearm Examiners currently test firing into conventional water-filled bullet recovery tank systems must "down load" high velocity cartridges to prevent them from being excessively damaged. In doing a 'duty of care' in the form of an OSHA issue presents itself since down loading can create a hazardous workplace for the examiner. The Duke Projectile Recovery System results are achieved from full factory loadings and hence this hazard, and the associated OSHA risks, is effectively removed from the workplace, making it a safer work environment.

6) Low operational costs. The cost of the consumable inserts within the system are easily offset against the ongoing running and maintenance costs associated with water filled bullet recovery tank systems.

Available Systems

Two standard production models; handgun/shotgun and rifles. Units for other type of weapons including artillery shells can be specially ordered. Click:


DPRS Specifications and Options

  • Two standard production models; handgun/shotgun and rifles. Units for other type of weapons including artillery shells can be specially ordered.
  • 2' by 2' by 8' (60.96cm by 60.96cm by 243.84cm)
  • 700 pounds (318 kilograms) for the handgun/shotgun and 1450 pounds (659 kilograms) for the rifle version.
  • The unit comes with an unlimited 5-year warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • Try it before you buy it with our evidence services.
  • Allow 30 - 60 days for orders to be shipped.
  • Available internationally through approved distributors.  

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